The Habits of Black Friday Holiday Shoppers

The Habits of Black Friday Holiday Shoppers

Are you a Black Friday Shopper?

Too many social scientists have too much time on their hands as is demonstrated by the sheer volume of meaningless studies pumped out of ivory towers each year. The latest such study that I saw investigated the motivations behind shoppers’ fascination with Black Friday. Social scientists aren’t the only ones with a vested interest in why shoppers shop on certain days, the American Retailers Association also has collected a considerable amount of research on the shopping habits of those who favor doing their holiday shopping on Black Friday. 

Here are some facts, observations, and tidbits about Black Friday shoppers:


  1. Most Black Friday shoppers are women. 
  2. Most Black Friday shoppers actually like shopping in the crowds. This is supply-side economics. The scarcity of goods at rock-bottom prices actually seems to engender a sense of competition in the Black Friday shoppers.
  3. The Black Friday shoppers who pushed and shoved the most in the stores were actually the shoppers who did the most shopping planning before actually hitting the malls and other retail outlets. Some of them even “grab stuff from other people’s carts.”
  4. Black Friday shoppers tend to experience the same sort of adrenaline rushes as hunters. The quest for goods becomes almost like a competitive sport of some sort for the women who enjoy Black Friday shopping.
  5. Black Friday shoppers stay with their tribes when shopping. If Black Friday shopping is indeed like a competitive sport, it is like a competitive team sport. Most end up going shopping with their friends or family members and plan the outing together as a special occasion. 


Does all of this make you want to go Black Friday shopping this holiday season? 


Any doubts that I may have had about hitting the malls on Black Friday have increased by a thousand fold after learning about the other shoppers. Imagining the reality of facing half-crazed shoppers fighting over an electronics device at Target scares me more than you can imagine. I already witnessed some of the holiday cheer this year when I went on a wreath-making adventure and had my juniper berries stolen by a competitive wreather. 


I might save my Black Friday shopping for an online experience. I might get a few rushes when I’m shopping online, but at least I won’t get physically pushed away from my computer.