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The Best Gifts For the New Mom, Dad and Baby in Your Life

Holiday Gifts Will Warm the Heart of any Young Family

My husband and I are experiencing our first holiday season with our 8-month old baby. We know of at least two other couples who will celebrate Christmas with a baby under one years old. I realized, as I thought about this tidbit, that I needed to alter my gift giving a bit to accommodate the families with their new bundle of joy. Awesome gift ideas for new parents include those that save time, offer support, light up their holiday with happiness and give the couple a chance to go out on their own. The gift giving exchange doesn't end with mom and dad, the baby will enjoy his or her own presents as well.

The first trick to figuring out which gifts to purchase is to decide if you want to give the couple a present that they can use together or if you want to buy one for each of them. Good choices for individual gifts include unique and thoughtful purchases. Buy a baby safe necklace for the mom who enjoys jewelry. Teething necklaces are available for purchase on and Take the new dad out with the guys to watch a game on a big screen TV. He will forever remember that you gave him a chance to get out. Moms will also love the opportunity to get spoiled by getting their nails done or going out to have their hair done at a salon.

Babies may not yet understand the magic of Christmas but that doesn't mean they won't enjoy receiving cute presents. Babies from the newborn stage to three months will like small rattles and soft stuffed animals. I know our little one enjoyed a doll that my husband's sister got her. She also liked a monkey snuggle toy that my parents bought her from K-Mart. From three to nine months she enjoyed the light up toys such as a VTech car, light up phone or laptop. Skip Hop Build-A-Barn Blocks are perfect for the active older babies who enjoys picking up, stacking and knocking down blocks. The toy is available at and