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How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift Basket

Gift baskets make great gifts at Christmas and other holiday occasions as long as you pick the right type for the person you're buying them for. Some don't like receiving gift baskets as presents but I think it largely has to do the fact that the individual opened his or her gift only to find that the basket contained items that they didn't like. I love gift baskets but I know I wouldn't like getting one filled with coconut candy and an overly sweet tasting wine because I don't enjoy them. I would, however, love unwrapping a gift basket that contained a Merlot and Godiva chocolate truffles.

The key to winning someone over with a gift basket is to purchase or put together one that contains gifts you know the person you plan on giving the present to will like. For example, lets say that someone you know enjoys tea. You could either purchase the tea and basket separately to make your own or you could order a gift basket that contains a variety of different flavors. You can go even further and purchase all decaffeinated teas if you know the individual is partial to teas that don't have caffeine in them. Put together a basket filled with camomile tea If the gift recipient loves that particular flavor over any other.


Do a bit of reconnaissance work to find out if the individual you plan to purchase the gift for is allergic or unable to eat or drink something for a medical reason. For example, even though a diabetic may enjoy a gift basket full of sugared candy or muffins filled with carbohydrates it may not be in his best interests to receive this type of gift basket. Perhaps he likes fishing and you could make a basket that contains the small items needed for fishing. The goal with gift baskets, as with any other gift, is to pick one that best suits the individual who will receive it.