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Holiday Gifts for Preschool Teachers

Since I was younger, I remember my mother shopping for holiday gifts. These gifts typically included my teachers, mailman, hair dresser and anyone else that had constant contact with our family. They may not have been very big gifts but they weren’t certainly enough to say thank you and recognize what it is you do for us.

While, my pocket doesn’t cooperate enough to give to my mailman or hair dresser, I do like to put something together for my daughter’s preschool teacher. Keep in mind, many school are stopping this from happening these days. Be sure that your teacher is allowed to accept small gifts or tokens of appreciation from students prior to giving. This will help eliminate your teacher from having to turn your child away at the time the gift is to be given. All feelings can be spared this way.

Hoping for the best and your child decides to give a holiday gift to their teacher, there are so many options.  Here are a few:

Coffee mugs


Photo frames

Handmade cards

Teaching supplies

Pending school rules, baked or homemade goods are always a pleasure too.

Teachers are not hard to please. Generally, the fact that you thought about them is enough. Don’t panic, small tokens are not about breaking your budget. Simple gifts can be thrifty and fun, all-the-while pleasing the recipient.  Let your child be a part of the gift selection for her teacher. This will give her a sense of accomplishment, as well. Her teacher is sure to love it too.