December 2011

DIY Gift Wrapping

Skip the premade paper and do it yourself this season
Let's be honest, here: no one likes to receive gifts wrapped in tacky Santa paper. I mean, no one. We know it's Christmas already; the iconography has been everywhere for months, assaulting our corneas without shame. If you're the type who gives carefully selected (or perhaps even handmade) gifts, make sure you complete the thought with some off the beaten path wrapping jobs this season. 

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift Basket

Gift baskets make great gifts at Christmas and other holiday occasions as long as you pick the right type for the person you're buying them for. Some don't like receiving gift baskets as presents but I think it largely has to do the fact that the individual opened his or her gift only to find that the basket contained items that they didn't like. I love gift baskets but I know I wouldn't like getting one filled with coconut candy and an overly sweet tasting wine because I don't enjoy them. I would, however, love unwrapping a gift basket that contained a Merlot and Godiva chocolate truffles.

Must-Make Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

If you have both children and grandparents in your life, you know that the holiday is not complete until crafts by the former have been made for the latter! Every year we make different crafts for our daughter’s grandparents, and every year they really love them. A good rule of thumb: if it has a photo of your child or his or her thumb print on the craft, it will probably be loved! And if the child made it, all the better. Here are a few ideas for this holiday…

The Best Gifts For the New Mom, Dad and Baby in Your Life

Holiday Gifts Will Warm the Heart of any Young Family

My husband and I are experiencing our first holiday season with our 8-month old baby. We know of at least two other couples who will celebrate Christmas with a baby under one years old. I realized, as I thought about this tidbit, that I needed to alter my gift giving a bit to accommodate the families with their new bundle of joy. Awesome gift ideas for new parents include those that save time, offer support, light up their holiday with happiness and give the couple a chance to go out on their own. The gift giving exchange doesn't end with mom and dad, the baby will enjoy his or her own presents as well.